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Abu Dhabi Paragon Oil & Gas has signed a sales agency agreement with Innochems Technologies Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. Innochems Technologies is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the Oil and Gas production, Refinery and Petrochemicals plants, Maintenance of processing plant and decontamination of hazards. Innochems Technologies provides the following Engineering and Maintenance services as well:

1. Decontamination (Hydrocarbons, Toxic Gasses, Mercury, Pyrophoric and Sludge

2. Cleaning of:

    • Re-boilers, Heat Exchangers, and coolers(
    • Pits, Sump and underground sewage
    • Tanks and Vessels
    • Oil Well and pipeline descaling

3. Pickling and Passivtaion

4. Special Design, Fabrication and Treatment

    • Mercury contaminated liquid waste treatment
    • Oxidative Desulfurization for low sulfur Diesel (EURO 4 standard)