Chemical Cleaning & Decontamination Services

ADPOG in collaboration with ICT provides the following services:

Engineering and maintenance Works for:Heater

  • Decontamination
  1. Hydrocarbon, Toxic gasses, Mercury, Pyrophoric and sludge
  • Chemical Cleaning
  1. Reboiler, Heat Exchanger and Cooler
  2. Pit, Sump and Underground Sewage
  3. Tank and Vessel
  4. Oil Well and Pipeline De-scaling
  • Pickling and Passivation
  • Special Design, Fabrication and Treatment
  1. Mercury contaminated liquid waste treatment
  2. Oxidative Desulfurization for low sulfur Diesel (EURO 4 Standard)

Oil sludge Treatment & Oily Waste Water Purification

Jointly with our Partner we design, manufacture and install equipment for oil sludge treatment, purification of oily waste water. Projects have been completed in oilfields, locomotive and carload depots, warehouses of oil products, gasoline stations and other enterprises.

The company is also engaged in the designing, manufacturing and installation of heavy duty plants for treatment of oil contaminated soil and sand.

Experience in these fields has been accumulated by our specialists in the process of designing and manufacturing and assembling of a wide range of the equipment and providing services for its operation. We have set up and put into operation oil sludge and oily water treatment plants for many projects including:

  • Fixed and mobile plants to purify oil containing waste water
  • Plants for treatment of slop oil and oily water
  • Plants for treatment of liquid oil sludge and oil Contaminated Sand and waste oily water received after washing of oil tankers;
  • Fixed plant for the treatment of oil contaminated soil

The company has developed and manufactured plant complexes for treatment of oil contaminated soil in modular form that avoids considerable expenses on construction of workshops premises.